This is a labour of love. If you want one it'll cost you! Well; not too much, just depends on the subject really. It's drawn with 3H, 2H, H, HB B and 2B pencils and a lot of plastic eraser from an iPhone shot on a cool, windy but very bright UK summers day (hence the blowing hair and bright highlights). I finished it in March 2019 and sold it to my wife for £85.00 (well I didn't really, but that's what it might cost you!)

It's drawn on a bright white line paper which is a chalky designer's paper. It takes pencil tone well and looks great on the wall. This one is mounted and framed and hanging in Di's "boudoir"

You'll notice some parts show fine detail - the faces and of course Ellie - the little Jack - some show less detail. The aim with a drawing like this is to focus on the love between the two subjects and not the background or rain coat. Ellie is quite old and Di can't be sure how long she'll have her. The next Gallery page shows different dogs, some cats and a little more

Davin's dog arrived on my desk as 4 or 5 shots on the beach near Seaside in Oregon. I chose a pose - well two actually - and put them together to make one drawing which summed up the type of scamp he is. And I didn't decide on this myself - I checked with Davin by e-mail.

The real detail is in the eyes of the mugshot on the left. French Bulldog's have complex eyes due the bulge and they were a delight to draw. The peice took a few weeks  (with a couple of other drawings in-between, and when I'd rolled it up and shipped it in a postal tube it arrived safely.

And yes, I work on a few drawings at a time. Getting into too much detail and focus on one picture means you can get a little "pencil crazy" - bit like stir crazy. It's good to put it on the wall and take a few long hard looks while you work on another drawing. I've found that working on a drawings non-stop from start to finish can be less than ideal. (sorry about the reproduction - too big for the scanner - oh and the price £75.00 including shipping which was around 15 quid)

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